Shear Blades

At ABC Grinding, we specialize in all types of metal cutting straight and circular shear blades, cutting rubbers, and shimless tooling.  Close tolerance grinding and machining on modern CNC equipment ensures that our blades routinely outperform and outlast inferior cutting tools.  Demand for high quality shearing blades and slitting knives is very high, so we recently decided to stock our most popular sizes for immediate delivery.  Our tool steel recommendation and manufacturing process is solely dependant on your unique shearing application, so please contact us, and we can discuss the optimum combination of material grade and hardness for your specific use.

Our stock list includes the following OEMs:

Expertly sharpened blades eliminate the burrs and inconsistent finished sizes caused by shearing with dull blades.  Pick up and delivery is free, so please contact us to schedule a pickup to try our sharpening service.  Upon arrival blades are cleaned inspected for wear and condition.  Bowed and warped knives are straightened back to OEM specs for straightness and flatness.  Knives are then ground and honed on our CNC machines.  After cleaning and final inspection, knives are packed and tagged sharp.  Many of our customers have only one set of blades, so we offer 24-hour turnaround service.  Our sharpening service includes pickup and delivery in our regional territory, so please contact us, and we’ll schedule a pickup right away.

Shear Blades

Our sharpening service includes pickup and delivery in our regional territory.

Please contact us to schedule a trial and an onsite visit.

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