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Guillotine Knives

Sharpening Service:

Everyday at ABC Grinding, we sharpen and superfinish hone paper trimming and guillotine knives.  To eliminate the errors and inconsistencies caused by traditional hand honing, we use state of the art CNC knife grinding machines to grind and Superfinish hone knives to a razor-sharp, mirror-finish edge.  Whether ceramic, carbide, high-speed, or carbons steel knives, our unique process of grinding and honing knives achieves the strongest and sharpest cutting edge possible!  Your knives will last longer, cut smoother, create less dust and have no draw.  Maximize cutting quality, minimize machine down time and maximize cutting production with these specific cost cutting results.

Pick up and delivery is free, so please contact us to schedule a pickup to try our service.  Upon arrival knives are cleaned inspected for wear and condition.

Bowed and warped knives are straightened back to OEM spec for straightness and flatness.

Knives are then ground and honed on our CNC machines.
After cleaning and final inspection, knives are placed back into the protective cover and tagged sharp.
Our sharpening service includes pickup and delivery in our regional territory.

In case of emergency, we also offer a 24-hour turnaround service.

New Knives:

We sell top-quality new knives and cutting supplies manufactured by our ISO certified partner manufacturers.  Our knives feature a larger tool steel inlay than the industry standard, guaranteeing optimum cutting life and maximum number of sharpenings.  Before shipping, each new knife is inspected for edge quality, dimensional accuracy, and overall integrity.

Our most popular material grades include:

  •  Standard carbon steel
  •  High-speed steel
  •  High performance alloy steel
  •  High carbon high chrome steel
  •  Carbide
  •  Micro-grain carbide

Any questions?  Please contact us, and together we can find the right knife for your cutting application.

Our in stock knife inventory includes knives for the following paper trimming and guillotine cutter machines:

  • Baumfolder
  • C.P. Bourg
  • Brackett
  • Challenge
  • Chandler & Price
  • Chicago Machinery
  • Como
  • Consolidated International (Comeca)
  • Craftsman
  • Dexter
  • EBA
  • Embassy International
  • Franklin Spaulding
  • Heidelberg
  • Horizon
  • Ideal
  • Imperial
  • Itoh
  • Kolbus
  • Krause
  • Lawson
  • LDR International
  • LMM
  • Macey
  • Mandelli
  • Martin Yale
  • Maxima
  • McCain
  • Michael Business Machines
  • Michael Miracle
  • Muller Grapha
  • Muller Martini
  • Multigraphics
  • Nagai
  • National
  • Omega & Omni Binder
  • Peerless Gem
  • Perfecta
  • Pivano
  • Polar
  • Premier
  • Prism
  • Pro Cut
  • Regent
  • Reliance
  • Rosback
  • Schimanek
  • Schneider Senator
  • Seybold
  • Sheridan
  • Stahl
  • Standard Multicut
  • Triumph
  • Wohlenberg

Cutting Sticks:

To get the maximum cutting performance of your knife, the right cutting needed, so please allow us to help you do that.  Selecting the proper stick will improve cut quality while extending knife life.  The wrong stick results in prematurely dull and nicked knives, as well as poor cut quality.

Our in stock cutting sticks are manufactured to very tight tolerances to ensure accurate fit and easy removal.  They are made from specially formulated thermoplastic compounds that results in the right balance of hardness and self healing characteristics.

Please contact us and together we can choose the correct combination of knife and cutting stick for your unique application. 

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Our sharpening service includes pickup and delivery in our regional territory.

Please contact us to schedule a trial and an onsite visit.

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