Granulator Knives /
Recycling Blades

For over 50 years ABC Grinding has specialized in size reduction, plastic processing granulator, and recycling knives and blades.  Recycling applications are the toughest and most demanding application of knives and blades.  Incorrectly manufactured blades routinely break and chip and become useless.  To make tougher blades, some manufacturers make them too soft, so they prematurely dull.  Our engineers have developed different combinations of material grades and hardness that make our blades strong and tough enough to withstand abusive cutting environments, and with high wear resistant properties, our blades have longer tool life.  Our blades are machined to tight tolerances and ground in matched sets on modern CNC machines which result in perfect fitting knives every time.  We have a full inventory of granulator knives and blades in stock, so please contact us to discuss your recycling operation, and together we’ll choose the best knife for your application.
ABC Grinding has become a very popular source for single shaft shredding segments, inserts, counter knives, bed blades, and holders.  We have many shredder segments, inserts, and holders in varying shapes, sizes, and configurations in stock ready to ship. Our counter knives and bed blades are stocked in different grades, and made to OEM specs for size and shape ensuring correct and easy installation.  Please contact us.  Tell us your application, so we can recommend a specific grade and combination of segment and counter knife to maximize your throughput and cutting efficiency. 

Granulator Knives
Recycling Blades

Our sharpening service includes pickup and delivery in our regional territory.

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