Circular Knives / Slitting Knives

ABC Grinding is the recognized industry leader for circular knives, slitters, and slitting tools.  We specialize in shear cut knives, crush cut knives, and all other types of circular knives and perforators.  Please contact us and join the hundreds of companies using our circular knives every day.

Shear Cut Knives

All our new knives are manufactured to the highest quality standards and most stringent tolerances, which often exceed OEM requirements for run out and flatness.  Our quality standards and our new and innovative methods of grinding and polishing achieve the smoothest surface finish possible on male and female slitter knives.  The result is a significant increase in tool life with minimum dust.  We have many knives in stock in different material grades.  Please contact us to, so we can discuss the optimum combination of material grade and hardness for your cutting application.

Crush Cut Knives, Score Cut Knives

ABC Grinding is one of the largest suppliers of crush cut slitting knives and tools.  Currently the industry standard is to supply “off the shelf” knives manufactured on manual machines and grinders with hand polished radius.  In contrast, we take the time to customize each knife to our customer’s unique cutting needs.  We evaluate each cutting application and determine the best tool steel and hardness, the correct bevel, and cutting edge radius to offer the best solution.  Our knives are custom made in small lots on CNC grinders and machining centers.  Instead of hand polished radius, our knife edge radius is precision ground to an exact size and surface finish.  It’s no mystery why our knives last so long.  Please contact us, tell us your cutting application, and together we can design a knife to improve your process.

Slitting Razor Blades

ABC Grinding is the razor blade specialist.  We supply slotted, 3 hole, and other styles of razor slitting blades in many different material grades and coatings including carbon steel, stainless steel, high speed steel, solid tungsten carbide, solid zirconia ceramic and more.  Our customers routinely choose to upgrade to our solid carbide and ceramic blades because they outlast standard blades up to 100 times.  Unlike standard blades, we sharpen our solid carbide and ceramic blades multiple times to yield a like new razor sharp edge.  Please contact us to schedule a trial and see how effective our razor blades can be.

Slitter Sleeves

An integral part of crush cut slitting is the slitting sleeves.  Our sleeves are thru-hardened, so they can be resurfaced may times.  Sleeves can be manufactured from many different tool steels and carbide grades depending on the cutting application.  Please contact us, and allow us to suggest what sleeve will work best for your specific use.

Slotted Knives and Perforating Wheels

ABC Grinding has supplied hundreds of different configurations of slotted and perforated knives.  Our perf knife slots are ground to exact specifications.  We also grind the slots extra deep to allow the knife to be sharpened many times.  Please contact us, so we can help you design the best perfed knife for your cutting needs.

Pinking Knives and Scalloped Knives

Each one of our pinking and scalloped knives are custom ground to exact specifications on CNC grinders, and our knives can easily be sharpened many times.  Please contact us to get more information on our pinking and scalloped knives.

Slitting Assemblies and Pneumatic Knife Holders

We have many different models of knife holders in stock.  Our holders are plated to minimize friction between the knife and the holder body.  Because the knives easily spin in our holders, they cut better and last longer.  In addition to the standard ˝” Cameron and Dusenbery holders, we stock special high output holders for hard to slit materials.  Please contact us and we can identify your holder and discuss how to improve your slitting performance.
We also design, manufacture, and install complete slitting assemblies.  After testing your material, we can recommend the best slitting setup for that material.  We can then engineer and supply all holders, shafts, knives, pneumatic supplies and controls, and dovetails needed to get you up and running soon.  Please contact us and send a sample of your slitting material and we will test it right away. 

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